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Unlock Free Passes and Gems with an Episode Choose Your Story Hack

7 months ago

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The online gaming world is host to many addicting games. We can get caught up in all the ways to make our story more by maxing out all our stats. Any game involving free passes or gems can be an expensive process. Most of the time you can wait things out but other times you might need faster. With an Episode Choose Your Story Hack you can save time and money by generating an unlimited amount for free!

Why You Need a Hack in the First Place

It is a time-consuming process to have to sit there waiting for your crops to regrow. You can plan your entire story with the most amazing grandeur in mind. The fact is if you cannot afford to speed up the process or afford a better outfit you are out of luck. That was the case until these genius developers created a way to bypass this costly problem. With this hack you can be back in business before you know it.

The Process of Getting a Hack

The steps you take to bypass this annoying problem of having to wait for more free passes and gems to appear is a straightforward one. You can start your download by following the steps laid here:

·    The link for Free Passes and Gems is where you click first.

With an Episode Choose Your Story Hack

·    You put in your email address after your username

·    Find the Submit Button and click

·    Confirm that you are indeed a human

·    A message should appear in your email which will generate the online gems & Passes link.

·    Once you have accessed the link securely you can enjoy all the free passes and gems you like!

There’s not a whole lot else to it really. The amazing thing is that you are saving not only loads of time but also a lot of money as well. Telling your friends might be the first thing you do or not depending on how you want to play the game!