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Three cheap pushchairs for you to have a look at

9 months ago

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Of course, you can only do this online for the time being. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a look at these three cheap pushchairs up close at a nearby nursery store. Have a look online and see if you can get this right. Take your baby with and see if you can test any one of these three mobile prams out. In the meantime, we’ll give a brief summary of each pram’s features. Because of its lightweight mobility and the way it’s been designed to take care of ergonomic and streamlining effects, the modern mobile pram is now better known as the pushchair.

cheap pushchairs

The three featured pushchairs here are the Red Kite Baby Push Me, the iSafe Apple Slice Pushchair and the Graco CitiSport Lite. All three chairs on wheels have been touted as bestselling and popular modern go-to perambulators for babies ranging in age from six months to three years. The Red Kite is a lightweight, one-position pushchair that has padded foam handles for the caregiver’s comfort. It has swivel wheels for easy steering and a five-point safety harness.

The iSafe also has a five-point safety harness. It also has padding but this feature is three layered and geared towards comforting the baby. There is also a foot rest for the growing child and an adjustable hood which can be dropped down whenever it is not needed. Like the Red Kite, the Graco CitiSport is also a lightweight vehicle, deliberately so to cater for pushing the pram uphill. It is a portable craft that can be folded and stored easily in small spaces.

There is, of course, one salient feature that all three pushchairs share. They are all cheap.