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Investigating the Sweat With Kayla Itsines App

9 months ago

295 words

The Sweat With Kayla Itsines App is an app for your iPhone or Android device that is designed to help you track all of your information when it comes to your workouts and other exercise routines.  While the app looks to be excellent on the surface, I was not impressed at all with the seven day free trial that I received from the app store.  Unfortunately, the trial seemed to be a little bit buggy, and so I wanted to learn more information about the Sweat With Kayla Itsines App in order to see if the full version was something that might actually be worth the monthly cost for me.  I found an excellent review of the app, and you can read it here.  The author seems to have checked out every last feature that the full version of the app has to offer, and she has broken it all down for those of us who have not used the full version of the app in order to help us to make an educated decision before making any kind of commitment.

I found the review to be very informative, and so if you are looking for more information about it, I would definitely suggest that you check out this review in order to determine whether this is something that you might consider taking a chance with.  Unfortunately, I decided to not give it a try, as the monthly cost compared to what was described in the review simply left me feeling that there would be a whole lot left to be desired.

read it here

Rather than taking my word for it, however, I would definitely urge you to read the entire review in order to see whether or not you might still find some value in it.